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I’m so happy to finally reveal my project that I was working on for the past months! I recently launched my very own online store called Shop Letucc. It’s an expansion of my brand where I will be holding and managing the business side of Letucc. Shop Letucc provides an exclusive shopping experience with limited hand picked clothing pieces and handmade in Europe jewelry. Together with fashion we will be traveling and taking our customers though different parts of the world. Currently we are based in Los Angeles and that’s where we are starting our journey.

Future projects will touch women empowerment topic. Though fashion and creativity I want to be able to inspire and help other woman. In my 26 years I chose to live in 3 different countries, learned 3 languages and opened 3 different business within 6 months in foreign country completely on my own. I want to show that each lady has capacity to do amazing things in this world! Stay tuned for that!
But for now please visit my Shop Letucc and share your opinion!
I would love to hear what you guys think about it!


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