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I’m so happy to finally reveal my project that I was working on for the past months! I recently launched my very own online store called Shop Letucc. It’s an expansion of my brand where I will be holding and managing … Read More

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I wanted to share with you today one of the things that helps me to give my thought process a little break. I’m always in a thinking and doing mode trying to accomplish as much as possible during the day. … Read More

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Prom Alert: Know the Best and Worst Prom Dress Styles for Your Body Type  Discover what dresses and styles go with particular figures best so you can wear the perfect dress which complements your figure. Hello, lovelies! You may be … Read More

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Hello lovelies, this time I’m sharing Zucchini noodles with Turkey Bolognese recipe. It’s definitely one of my favorite meals to cook. It’s healthy, easy and fast 🙂 You will need: -organic ground turkey -4-5 zucchinis -olive oil -handful diced onion -minced … Read More

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