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Hi everyone!

I’m so exited about this review post! This is something that I was always looking for!

I’m happy to introduce you SHOES OF PREY where you can custom design your very own shoes! Isn’t that freaking awesome? Now I know that for example at Nike ID you can create your own sneakers but at SHOES OF PREY website you can design ANY STYLE of shoes. From boots to heels with variety of different shapes, colors, textures, fabrics, details and decorations. On top of that you can personalize them even more with a custom inscription! The designing process is very easy and fun! I swear, I felt so honored for the first time to be able to create my own pair of shoes. Hm… I’m thinking now what if I was to create the whole collection?? Let me share with you how I have created my pair of heels!

You start of with choosing the type of the shoes ( heels, flats, sandals, boots, sneakers). For my custom pair of shoes, I decided to choose heels. Then you choose the template (shape of the heel) that you like most and the designing process continues by choosing size, style, strap, toe type, heel hight and shape, decorations, colors, materials and inscription. I don’t want to get into too much of the detail because trust me guys, you should definitely go head and try it on your own! You can start designing you very own pair here. Don’t forget to grab my promo code LETUCC for a FREE INSCRIPTION valued at $49!!!
After you are done designing, you make a payment and just wait for their arrival to your home! It takes about 2 weeks to receive them which I think is really good. Now let me talk about the representation once I received my pair of heels. I was blowing away! It’s so cute, classy and well thought of! My pair of shoes came with a cute card with a quote of Oscar Wylde, linen bag for my shoes and lastly grips and toe inserts for an extra comfort! This is by far the best product presentation for me! I’m sure you guys are also interested about the quality. I’m fully honest – the quality is great! Really, they look like an expensive pair of shoes with no doubt. Well, maybe I’m just an awesome designer… ha hah! 😉
Here are pictures of my original design:

Now, when you feel like you are missing certain color and style shoes in your collection and it’s really hard for you to find something that fits your requirements – you can so easily design your own! Ladies, our life just became easier! Thank you SHOES OF PREY! Use my promo code LETUCC for a FREE INSCRIPTION valued at $49!!!

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  1. Jessi Malay
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    That’s so cool! Your heels look so classy babe, love that pop of color. Thanks so much for sharing this hun, hope you’re having a lovely week <3

    XO, Jessi​​​

  2. Lea
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    This is so cool ! Love the colors oft the shoes ! xx

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