IAA 2015

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IAA is the world’s largest International Motor Show. It takes place every 2 years in Frankfurt, Germany. My passion for vehicles started in very early age. I remember days when I used to run circles around any new car my dad brought to our home and having hundreds of questions 🙂 When I was 5 years old I was able to tell what kind of car is coming just from the headlights in the dark. Crazy…isn’t it? Yep… That’s probably something new for you guys about me. I looove cars and I have big ideas and plans for it in the near future.
This year’s show was really great, I have enjoyed myself and had some really interesting conversations with automotive industry people. Show highlights for me were the new Porsche concept, the Renault Sport R.S. 01 model, BRABUS company had amazing retouched Mercedes vehicles and the AG Alligator monster that was handmade. And the one thing I missed in this year’s show was the Aston Martin company.

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  1. Agoprime
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    WOW, WONDERFUL CARS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rochelle
    | Reply

    Amazing!.. Those cars are so stunning!.. 🙂

    Good vibes, Fox
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    The cars are amazing! Nice that you combine differents passions of yours in one blog!


    • Letucc
      | Reply

      Thank you! Means a lot 🙂

  4. Anna
    | Reply

    Awesome cars.. Where can I get one!?

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  5. Diane
    | Reply

    Great event and awesome cars !


  6. Arabella
    | Reply

    Some amazing cars!


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