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Prom Alert: Know the Best and Worst Prom Dress Styles for Your Body Type

 Discover what dresses and styles go with particular figures best so you can wear the perfect dress which complements your figure.

Hello, lovelies! You may be wondering if it’s that important to know your body type and which dress styles would suit you most when choosing the perfect prom dress. Trust me, it’s almost essential. If I had known this a few years ago at my own prom, maybe I wouldn’t be cringing at my dress down to this day. So you don’t have to threaten your parents if they get it framed and hang it up at home, make sure you choose a dress you look great in!

This post will look at some of the best and worst prom dress styles for your body shape so you can feel completely comfortable. Knowing the right styles and your own body will help you choose the best option in terms of fit, what looks best and what features are accentuated on your body.

Once you know these golden gems, share them with your friends! They will thank you. This knowledge is super handy especially online when you cannot see the gown up close until it’s delivered and you cannot get a feel for how it looks on you. By knowing which styles suit and which don’t will get you ahead of the game. So whilst you’re ‘Instagramming’ the latest trends and make-up tips, make sure you check out the Prom Dress Shop at Chicago, IL. They cater for a range of different sizes and shapes so you can find a dress that looks like it was tailor made just for you!


Here are the body types and which prom dress styles suit them best:

  • Apple shape

 If you are an apple shape, you will have a bigger bust, broad shoulders and narrower hips with a less defined waistline. It’s important to do the following to find the perfect dress:

Do’s: Opt for empire waists and experiment with a higher waist too. Draw attention to the higher half of your body with a detailed or embellished top. Going for A-line style dresses that has a fuller skirt is a great idea and gives you a chance to show off your beautiful legs. Finally, drop-waist dresses work really well for the apple body shape.

Don’ts: Don’t go for puffy sleeves as this will emphasize your shoulders. Instead choose dress styles such as baby doll which frame your arms, legs and your toned areas.

  • Busty body type

 If you are bigger up-top with narrower hips and a less defined waist, what will bring out your best features is finding the balance between your broader top half and narrower bottom half. Doing so you can create further definition and look more curvy.

Do’s: Do opt for dresses that help pull in around the waist for extra definition and shows off the curves in your hips.

Don’ts: Be wary of the shorter hemlines as these will make you look larger on the top-half of your body. Find the right balance so you can show off your gorgeous legs.

  • Slender body type

 For slender shapes, you will typically have a thinner frame so you will want to highlight your lean body and physique with fitted dresses.

Do’s: Create more shape by opting for an empire waist prom gown. Choosing a dress that helps bring out the curves you have and make the look more defined will be just what you want. Therefore, try add pretty embellished belts or choose a dress with a slit to showcase your stunning legs!

Don’ts: Try to avoid wearing dresses that have lots of loose material as your body and figure will get lost in it. Instead, choose the dresses that cling to your body and hug your curves!

  • Hourglass body shape

 Hourglass shapes are usually curvier with the bust and hips in proportion and the top half of the body being balanced with the legs. For the best prom gown, you will want to choose styles that emphasize your curves and help define your lovely waist even more!

Do’s: When prom dress shopping for an hourglass shape, always look for form fitted dresses, especially for the top half of your body. You want an open neckline and a V-neck style too; and locating something that accentuates your waistline is perfect!

Don’ts: Keep away from styles that are bulky and add volume. Try to prevent styles that give you a boxy frame.

  • Pear body shapes

 If you have a pear body shape, you will be curvier around your hips which are usually bigger than your bust. You will want to find prom dresses that complement your well defined waist and complement your figure.

Do’s: Do make sure you add as much volume to your top half as you can. This may be through a higher waist-line or a fitted and strapless top which also complements the pear shaped figure really well.

 Don’ts: Try to be subtle with how the dress or material falls on the lower half of the body. Opting for A-line skirts for the lower part of the prom gown will help balance your wider hips with your smaller bust.

  • Petite shape

 In the fashion industry, petite is usually defined as a woman with a height of 5ft 3 or less. You will have a smaller frame and therefore want to choose a prom gown that shows off your curves and lengthens your best assets.

Do’s: Always try and show some of your legs when picking a dress. Styles with asymmetrical hemlines, vertical prints and V-necks will lengthen your body. Keep an eye out for those feminine styles too as they will be really flattering for your body shape.


Keeping up with the latest prom dress trends on social media is also really important in the lead-up to prom. Following the on Google Plus is highly recommended if you want to get regular updates on stunning gowns that complement a range of body types.

Below I thought I would wrap things up by sharing a few tips and tricks to save money in the lead up to prom. Just by doing some things DIY, you can enhance your look and save lots of money.

Top Prom Prep Tips:

  • If you plan to buy your dress online, buying at least two months in advance is recommended. Just in case you need to send it back to exchange the size or get something altered, you will save yourself heaps of stress and time.
  • To clear your skin before the big day, start preparing a couple of months in advance. Ensure you are drinking plenty of water, keeping up a consistent cleansing routine, eating clean and getting lots of sleep!
  • To save yourself money where possible, follow social media accounts that give tips and advice on doing your hair and makeup. Then start practicing them in advance so you can perfect the styles you love.


For more prom preparation tips, watch this video:

By following the tips I’ve shared, you can ensure that you will be the center of attention on prom night.

I’m also sharing some prom dresses that I have found on Pinterest for inspiration 😉

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