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We’ve all experienced how summer weather can be annoying and have a not so positive affect on our sleep.

Here are some useful tips that will lead you to victory during the warm season while helping you sleep better at night:

  • Fan. This is amazing tool for bringing the breeze into your bedroom. Very affective on a hot summer night however, if you don’t have a cool air fan it may only be circulating the warm air in the room that your trying to escape. Another minus is that some fans may be a bit noisy and add to the ambient noise around you.
  • Lightweight bedding. There is nothing better then getting into the freshly made bed after a cool shower. Parachute, a bedding company offers luxe options for your lightweight bedding choices.
  • Wet towel. Another tip for those that really have issues regulating their body temperature during summer nights is covering your body with a wet towel. Not so much wrapping yourself up, but simply blanketing yourself with a damp towel helps to keep your body at a cooler temperature through the night.
  • Lavender. The scent of lavender has been proven to release stress, helps to relax which can lead to more peaceful sleep. Generally I use a lavender scented spray for my own bedding before I go to sleep. At times I also light up a lavender scented candle so that the fragrance fills the room before I begin my well deserved night of rest.

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