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I wanted to share with you today one of the things that helps me to give my thought process a little break.
I’m always in a thinking and doing mode trying to accomplish as much as possible during the day. That usually causes stress. And I personally need to make breaks during the day to stay calm, focused and efficient. One of the things that helps me stay calm, that I recently discovered is coloring book for adults. This book has all kinds of different pictures that you have to color and if you want, you can pull out pages and frame your picture.
My book that I have purchased in Ralphs store has a specific topic. It’s listed as Zen Art Therapy for Adults and consists of tangles, exotic patterns and mandalas pictures. It is very detailed and I enjoy coloring it. During the coloring my mind is fully focused on the picture and colors that I want to use. No daily to-do’s, worries, random thoughts are bothering me at that moment. It’s really great tool and I would definitely recommend it!

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    Nice, lovely and very beautiful. Thanks!

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